About Gina

Gina has always had many interests in metaphysical modalities for many years and became an Akashic Record Consultant and Teacher beginning in 2008 and Claim Your Life Instructor in 2012 with Boni Oian. More than 200 hours of classroom experience and many private consultations, she has assisted many on their spiritual journey.

She is also an Aura Soma Practitioner learning the language and vibrational healing thru color and has been studying the Life Cycles in Astrology for over 6 years. This has deepened her knowledge and understanding of peoples natures and their desires and how to help them to move forward in their lives.

Working more than 10 years in Youth Ed at Unity Church, primarily PreK, assisting, teaching and managing the classroom, she has shared many experiences…. “Since my profound experience at Unity Church (Houston) working in Youth Education in the late 1990’s, I knew I wanted to teach as well as work with other teachers. I find it the most rewarding thing I can do to make a difference in someone else’s life and enjoy myself all at the same time.”